Saturday, 7 February 2015

February WIPocalyse check-in

So, I'm a little late with this month's check-in. I have a feeling it will typically end up being the weekend after the full moon for me, as it's hard to fit in both stitching and blogging on a weeknight.

The topic for this month is How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

I don't have any official rotation at the moment, so I just let myself work on whatever I feel like and at stops me getting into a rut. I only have to force myself to work on one project when it's gift stitching, and then the deadline keeps me going! 

This month I have mostly felt like working on my Chatelaine (Tuscany Town Mandala) and the Joan Elliott Faces SAL. I haven't touched any of the other projects yet as these two have been keeping me plenty busy.

On Tuscany Town Mandala, I stitched this gorgeous vine motif (I really love the colours of the beads):

 I also added another 'T' shaped motif on the left:

And finished off this Lily motif:

So here is the whole piece as it stands so far:

On my Joan Elliott Faces SAL, I have nearly finished the top right summer fairy and the unicorn - I can't completely finish them though as annoyingly I am missing some of the floss colours. Hopefully those will show up in the next week.
Here's the fairy:

She had so much skin showing, it took me ages to stitch her as I'm doing the skin over one! Luckily the next fairy is a bit more covered up!

Next is a unicorn:

He is only missing a background, backstitch and beads.

Finally, I made a start on the bottom right fairy:

I've done a fair bit more since but this is where I got to on the official WIPocalypse day.

Finally I just want to add the picture of the first diary again, as I love it so much!


  1. Such lovely projects! I love those beads on your "Tuscany Town Mandala" vine, too.

  2. Beautiful! I think I need to add Tuscany Town Mandala to my wish list!

  3. Wow Sarah everything looks so beautiful especially the beadwork!!